The “New” Investment Idea the World’s Largest Money Managers Use to Increase Returns and Reduce Risk

Options offer amazing opportunities. But what are they? Sadly, many investors don’t understand options. They think options are too complex or risky. That’s too bad, because the most successful investors use options to generate income and protect their portfolio. That can have a big impact on your results! The brand-new educational course What Are Options? is a thoughtful new learning program that answers the question you might be asking right now, “What are options?” Our goal is to help you gain the knowledge and insight you need to put strategies into action — whether you’re an individual investor, or financial professional who is looking to grow your practice.

My name is Don Fishback, and I have been described by many experts as the world’s leading authority on helping people make options investing easier, more profitable and less risky. I’ve been a member of the financial services community for over 30 years. I’ve taken all that experience and optimized the teaching process and simplified things so that anyone can quickly succeed. That makes the learning process seamless, instead of an obstacle.

Here are just some of the things we will teach you:

“What Don has given is practical day-to-day things that somebody that has a job and is out there in the day-to-day world — and has other things to do in life and that has a life — can still come out ahead. My impression — my experience with Don is that he has incredible integrity and that he wants to keep it simple. I think that anybody who has a chunk of money in their retirement fund, needs to look at this.”

Dr. Joanna M., DVM, Cambridge, MD

What Are Options? is exactly what people need on their path to learning.”

Henk D., Jackson Hole, WY

“If I may take a moment of your time, I would like to explain that I ordinarily don’t write letters for products or services that I am merely satisfied with. I only write letters when these products and services have made a dramatic impression on me, and your course certainly has done just that.”

Sterling M., Philpot, KY

What Are Options? The Complete Basic Series

The What Are Options? course is a collection of 15 videos, along with a 10-chapter, 400-page printable ebook. The videos have been completely transcribed for your added convenience and easy learning. Because the videos are online, available 24/7, you can learn at your own pace. [DVDs and a printed version of the manual are available for a nominal fee.] We’re here to help, not to push you out the door.

Whether you are an individual investor or a financial advisor, What Are Options? will teach you everything you need to put basic options strategies into action — for yourself, or your clients. But we don’t just teach you what to do. You’ll also learn these essential success factors: Why and How.

You’ll begin by learning how to “Think Differently” and why it can change the way you make money.

You will then progress to the four basic option types: long calls, long puts, short calls and short puts. Every options strategy is built upon this foundation.

We will guide you through the process of creating simple options strategies that allow you to tailor an investment to your specific goals and needs.

You’ll even go places other courses dare not take you: Probability. In the process, you will learn how options are remarkably similar to other businesses that use probability every day — especially insurance companies.

All Performance Figures are Independently Verified

Not only will What Are Options? teach you what to do, how to do it and why you should do it…

We provide verified performance figures for a wide variety of different options strategies over many different time frames. The data we use to substantiate performance comes directly from the exchanges and academic research papers where scholars performed rigorous, independent tests.

““As a former chief of police, senior business executive, author and certified fraud examiner, I’ve developed strict criteria on which I build relationships. Integrity and professional competency are two key components of that criteria. Over several years of interacting with Don Fishback and his staff they have earned my confidence, trust, and respect.”

Bud B., Port St. Lucie, FL

“For integrity, clear, concise, profitable instruction, and a genuine concern that his students have all their questions answered, Don delivers big.”

John C., San Angelo, TX

Full Three Month, 100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re so absolutely sure that What Are Options will help you in your quest to succeed, that we’re offering a bullet-proof, 90-day, 100% money back, performance guarantee. If for any reason you do not win on at least 90% of your trades, simply send us an email within 90 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you right away!

Options are Extremely Flexible. They Allow You To Profit With Many Different Expectations. Here Are The Strategies Covered In This Course

Expectation = Up Big


Expectation = Down Big


Expectation = Up Small


Expectation = Down Small


Expectation = Neutral Big


Total Support… with a personal touch

Four Full Months of Personal Support is Included!

Not a recorded message… Not a “customer service rep”… but a living, breathing person who knows the ins-and-outs of options trading and ODDS. Someone who will answer ALL your questions, guide you step-by-step anywhere you want help, and do whatever it takes to help you succeed! My team of experts are here for the sole purpose of YOUR SUCCESS. You can call, email, or even come by and meet them as often as you’d like. No charge for 120 days! You have my word on it.

  • Get Instant Access to This Essential Training…
  • The Complete WHAT ARE OPTIONS? Course
  • Courses containing just a fragment of the powerful information that is in What Are Options? can cost thousands, sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Our goal is to disrupt that business model and bring options education to the masses for a fair price.
  • That’s why we are offering What Are Options? at a special charter membership rate of just $195.

The Complete What Are Options? course

  • 10 video chapters
  • 390-page manual with full transcript.
  • 4 months of free live support
  • Regular Price: $495 Now Just $195

    90-day money back guarantee. 
    A+ rated. Accredited Business.