"It's like having a cash faucet you can turn on any time..."

That's what Paul said. See how you could potentially turn on your own "Cash Faucet"

Conventional Wisdom Is Dead
You Need To Think Differently

I am dead serious. In fact, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

Conventional thinking leads to mediocre results. Especially when it comes to trading and investing. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to think and act differently. It's how you get an edge. It's how you gain an advantage.

Since starting my career in the financial field over 30 years ago, it has been my goal to help traders and investors turn the tables and gain an "unfair advantage".

We help people boost their success and avoid costly mistakes. We do it with comprehensive training. I've helped tens of thousands learn the correct way. By showing them what to do, and what not to do.

You see, options are one of the most misunderstood investments around. Most investors don't know how to use options correctly so they give up. But what most people don't know is that options can be one of the most reliable, most powerful investment tools on earth.

You just have to be able to answer this one very important question...


I will answer that question. But I won't stop there. I want to show you how to...

  • Change the rules so the ODDS can be in your favor every time
  • Reduce Risk by 35%
  • Increase Profits by 24%
  • Increase Probability by 20%
  • Profit in Any Market
  • Protect Your Other Investments in Down Markets
  • Generate Income and Reduce Costs in One Step
  • Build a Foundation


"We consider Don money in the bank, and that is absolutely not an exaggeration, and I think too the best thing about it is the predictability of it. You know when you go looking at it for your income, you have to know the percentages that he advertises are absolutely real and that's important when you're relying on it for your income. A person would be a fool not to do it. The methodologies are easy to follow."

-- Bill M., Nokomis, FL

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"What Are Options?"

At its most basic, an option is a choice. In the investment world, options give the owner a choice that provides incredible flexibility.

The What Are Options course will teach you...

  • How to revolutionize the way you build wealth by thinking differently
  • The "Language of Options"
  • The Basics - Buying Calls, Buying Puts, Protecting Stock Positions
  • Options and Other Probability-Based Businesses
  • How to Safely Sell Options... And put probability on your side
  • How to Combine Options to Expand Your Trading Arsenal
  • Probability: Why It Matters to You
  • Volatility: How It Impacts Your ODDS of Winning
  • Performance: We'll review the performance of every major strategy so you can see the true money-making power when you use options.
"For integrity, clear, concise, profitable instruction, and a genuine concern that his students have all their questions answered, Don delivers big."
-- John C., San Angelo, TX


    How can we promise all of this? Two Words -- Experience and Support. If you have a question, you can be assured it will be answered by an expert. Some of my team members have been with me for 27 years. Their knowledge can help both novices and veterans.


    "Your strategies work! I first met Don in 1997... I was just fairly new as a trader and was trying to learn something about the options side of trading. I picked up some new ideas that were very helpful. Worked on those exclusively for a long time. I have enjoyed some very good success with those strategies and have been hooked on Don ever since."

    -- Robert G., Boulder, CO

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    Join Our Family of Over 85,000 Students

    "As the person who brought probability analysis to the masses over 20 years ago with my video, ODDS - The Key to 90% Winners, I know what it takes to help you put the ODDS in your favor.
    "I've dedicated my 30-year career to analyzing the markets. I've seen what works and what doesn't. Because that knowledge and experience is so valuable, people have paid me huge amounts of money to share what I've learned.
    They've seen the power of thinking differently, and putting probability on their side. These are proven methods that have decades of superior performance. And they've been verified in numerous independent research studies. It's time that you started thinking differently. It's time you got an edge; it's time you gained an unfair advantage."

    --Don Fishback


    What Are Options is the perfect blend of basic and advanced training. It's great for beginning traders to start, but also well-suited for experienced traders who want to make sure they're using options correctly to achieve the best results.


    "I'd always had bad experiences trading options, because I was uninformed on how they work. Don gave me basic underlying principles of how they work. He shared the very important concepts of successful options trading. Since January, every trade has been a winner using his methods. I just closed a $700 winner this morning! I'm looking for trades with good probabilities, and I've got the confidence in my trading now. I am impressed."

    -- Todd L., Lafayette, LA


    Once you've mastered the skills we will give you, you will find yourself:

    • Taking Control Of Your Financial Future
    • Profiting In Any Market. Up. Down. Sideway. It Doesn't Matter
    • Generating Income
    • Increasing Your ODDS


    "It's just incredible the accuracy this man has. Whatever algorithms he has developed, he's right on the money every week. It's just incredible."

    -- Ron G., Pilot, NC

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    What Are Options Performance Guarantee!


    WE GUARANTEE SUCCESS! We're so absolutely sure that What Are Options will help your trading, that we're offering a 90-day, bullet-proof performance back guarantee.

    If for any reason you do not win on at least 90% of your trades, simply send us an email within 90 days from your purchase and we'll refund you right away!

    If the things you learn in What Are Options don't measure up to our "talk-the-talk, walk-the-walk" promise, you can get your money back within 90 days. Simply contact us. We have no interest in keeping money from a dissatisfied customer. No monkey business. Give it a try...

    You have nothing to lose!


    "As a former chief of police, senior business executive, author and certified fraud examiner, I've developed strict criteria on which I build relationships. Integrity and professional competency are two key components of that criteria. Over several years of interacting with Don Fishback and his staff they have earned my confidence, trust, and respect."

    -- Bud B., Port St. Lucie, FL


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    "Frequently Asked Questions"

    Can I Trade Options Online?
    How much money does it take to trade options?
    I'm a beginner. How long will it take me to learn?
    I've heard options are risky.
    How much does support cost?
    How much does What Are Options cost?

    Because the course is brand-new, we are offering a special charter membership price of $895. That's a discount of $100 off the regular $995 price.

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